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Fashion Faux Pas :: Snapshots of Worst Outfits?


Disclaimer:  I’m not a fashion guru.  I don’t have an eye for fashion faux pas.  I don’t fraternize with the fashion patrol.  I’m not current with the best and worst trends in dress.  My sartorial knowledge is limited.  My wardrobe is not a wardrobe but a stack of pilfered milk crates filled with collared polos that I’ve worn for most of my life, solid-colored t-shirts, and a few pairs of corduroys that are wearing thin along the thighs and knees.  I am not one to talk about ensembles, outfits, or costumes.

There.  With that out of the way, I present to you a small collection of everyday people who think of clothes as a way to express not only themselves but also their innermost quirks.  Enjoy!

leather by Suzy Creamcheese

Horrifying Zubas by kisluvkis

Apple Store Fashion by TimmyGUNZ

I hope friends #2 and #3 sit #1 down for a talking to about her outfit by Malingering

worst outfit ever by syncope

worst outfit by m3gustafson

poor poor little bunnies by Malingering

motley crew by Ivanna Smile

worst outfit EVER-front view by musicisentropy

worst outfit vs worst dude outfit by misshollyrules

bad outfits happen to good people by pamelafhutchins

Worst outfit ever by sqweezil

embarrassment by The Falafel

What a feeling, bein’s believin’ by Malingering

world’s best dad hammer pants by Malingering

lace up by Malingering

Please note the matching pink Bluetooth headset by Malingering

A Fashion Faux Pas by dathan

Poor fashion decision by Kenn Wilson

Fashion victim by Davezilla was taken

Over 150,000 Gifts To Choose From by gschmidt

March 24, 2009 12:14 am

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