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The View from the Window

Allen Butler

Bruce Keller was bored. This was not unusual – he typically assumed that if he wasn’t bored, he must be doing something wrong.

At the moment he was bored while staring out the row of windows which lined the south wall of the massive open office where he worked. Around him there were dozens of other employees, all fighting boredom just as he.

There was not much to see out the window. Some trees led off into the distance, and at the horizon one could see one of the massive flyovers that was a hallmark of the modern city highway system, leading on up into the sky, or so it seemed. From here Bruce could make out the trucks and cars whizzing by, wishing for a brief moments that he was out there, for at least it would be an end to his current monotony.

As he thought this, a truck climbing the ramp suddenly jerked to the side for a reason he could not discern. He saw the trailer swing around to the right, running into a car, while the tractor crashed through the side rail of the freeway and was hanging half over the edge.

“Oh My God,” he thought to himself. Two cars which had been speeding behind the truck did not have time to stop and ended up crashing into the tractor trailer. Smoke was rising from the trailer, or perhaps one or more of the cars. It did not look good.

The door of the truck cab opened up out over the open air. The vehicle seemed to be slipping further and further off the ledge. Bruce could just imagine the sound of the squeaking metal on asphalt as the truck fought against the forces of gravity and resistance.

The driver was trying to get back onto the flyover before the truck fell completely off. He balanced himself, looking like he was about to jump, when all of a sudden a loud explosion rocked the world.

“Oh No!” shouted Bruce. He couldn’t contain himself any more, he jumped out of his chair. He wasn’t sure what he could do but he had to do something!

“You all right, Bruce?” Cindy asked. He looked down at her – her desk was the one next to his – then back at the window. Traffic was traveling smoothly on the flyover – nothing out of sorts at all. Bruce shook his head and sheepishly sat back down.

“I’m fine, Cindy, just fine. Just gotta get back to work.”

November 15, 2013 7:23 pm

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