The Golden Ratio Plate Found at David’s Cafe


golden ratio

There are some people who consider David’s Cafe in Miami Beach their kitchen even though they pay above-average fare for David’s food and have never set foot inside David’s kitchen.

I don’t think of David’s Cafe as my kitchen.  I think of it as a Cuban restaurant started in 1977 that I’ve eaten at once and enjoyed enough to not write a scathing review.

The entrees were overpriced for the most part, so I ordered two side dishes – moros and yuca – that were slightly less overpriced at $3.50 a piece.

The yuca really did me good.  It gave me power.  I hadn’t had yuca in a long time, so I especially appreciated its robustness, its fullness of life.

With each bite, I felt my lumbar growing stronger.

After I polished my plate of moros – second only to the lick of a dog’s tongue in terms of comprehensiveness – I immediately noticed the design that lay quietly underneath my food the whole time.

I looked at the plates belonging to the people eating with me.  Theirs didn’t have the Golden Ratio.  This made me feel special.

Thank you, Honeyed Cat!

October 18, 2009 10:02 am

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