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Redneck Wedding


Have you ever heard of My Big Redneck Wedding? Oh yes, there is now a reality show about everything, including everything that shouldn’t be real in the first place.

I think I first heard of it when Tom Arnold (who?) appeared on Chelsea Lately. Or something. I can’t remember. Because I tried to forget.

He said he was the host of this dumbassedness and showed a clip of a bride and groom being brought into a muddy field in monster trucks, climbing out of the missing windshields to exchange their vows. You can probably find the episode on the website, here.

I watched the clip and thought, they have to be making this up. It’s like back when Jerry Springer was popular because of the daily fights that broke out. I used to think that was real. Then I had a second job with a temp agency that sent me to fill in at talk show audiences. There were regular fillers, like me, and then there were actors. I was sitting off to the side while actors were given their audience scenarios: “Yeah, you in the blue. Your husband just left you for your mother after knocking up your sister.” That kind of thing.

I’m not saying this was for the Jerry Springer Show, but I sat in enough audiences to doubt his show was real.

So, I seriously doubted people could be this tacky until Carrie [my sister] told me that her neighbor recently had a redneck wedding. In their backyard, with picnic tables and Bud Light and Kentucky Fried Chicken. And monster trucks, of course.

Somehow I was less surprised by the fact that it was her neighbor than the fact that it was real. I mean, her other neighbor has an ATV stunt trail in his backyard. And the backyard is far less than a quarter of an acre. The track might actually run into his basement.

I’ve never watched a full episode of Redneck Wedding, but I may have to now. Just to see if I see Carrie in the background catching the plastic bouquet.

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September 23, 2009 1:23 am

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