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The Politics of Condiments


Generally speaking, I try to keep my distance from politics. I have yet to see a productive political argument in my life, with most of them devolving into factoid oneupmanship. That said, I’ve just come across a bit of political punditry that really got my goat. Watch:

That’s right, the man is being mocked because he requested mustard on his hamburger. What the talking head may not realize is that “ketchup” is practically a dirty word in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. Order a hot dog at any reputable establishment in this city and you will have to explicitly request ketchup, outing yourself as a probable tourist. Teasing might be warranted if he had ordered Gentleman’s Relish or Monkeygland sauce or something, but don’t begrudge a Chicagoan his mustard.

May 7, 2009 11:11 am

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