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TOE Short Story :: My Dad is a Ghost

kirsten (:

by Kirsten (age 12)

chapter one

i stood in front of the gravestone for the ninth time this week ever since the accident. mom put her hand on my shoulder. the locket that hung on my neck wobbled as i walked back to the car. i got the locket yesterday. the locket was filled with my dad’s ashes. my dad passed away last week in a horrible car accident. i touched the locket with my finger and traced the words that said “R.I.P i love you daddy”. my mom has one like it too but instead of daddy it says husband. “vanessa, everyone is sad about the loss but you can’t come here everyday. we dont have the money for the gas.” mom told me as we drove off. “it stinks that the closest cemetery is twenty minutes away.” i said not really speaking to her. i looked behind me watching the cemetery go farther and farther away as we drove off. i wiped a tear from my eye. “do you think he’s still alive somewhere? like a ghost?” i asked. “maybe, nessie. he is probably watching out for us.” mom smiled at me through the rear view mirror. i smiled back, hiding my misery.

chapter two

the next day after school, i walked to the cemetery forgetting that i would have to make my mom pick me up. i picked a sunflower from the school garden before coming. i stood by his gravestone just staring at it. “daddy, why’d you have to leave?” i fell down to my knees letting all the tears come out. “you can’t leave me this way!” i yelled, throwing sand at the grave. i fell asleep for a half hour when someone tapped me on the shoulder. “um… are you okay?” a girl asked me. “im fine.” i rubbed my eyes. “im paige.” she held her hand out. “if you need a friend… im here to help,” she added. “i dont need a friend,” i said harshly, shoving my hands into my pockets. “well, my dad passed away too!” she called after me. i walked all the way to the plaza by our house. i sat by the grocery store until i went back home. “hello vanessa. how was school?” mom asked me. “fine,” i answered. “well, you’re in a bad mood today.”

my big brother vinne followed me up the stairs. “leave me alone!” i ran to my room and shut the door. i took the locket off and set it on my nightstand. i feel asleep on my bed until the next morning.

chapter three

instead of going to school that morning, i went to the graveyard. “im sorry for throwing sand at you, daddy,” i whispered to the gravestone. i set some dandelions by his grave. i turned away but saw a blue-ish glow from the corner of my eye. i turned around and gasped. “daddy?” i asked, staring forward, “why are you… blue?” “i answered your call, vanessa. im back,” daddy answered. i walked forward. “will you stay with me?” i asked. “yes, i will, as long as you stay with me,” he replied. he held his hand out. “you’re so cold, daddy, why are you so cold?” i asked as i grabbed his hand. “who’re you talking to?” the girl from yesterday asked from behind me. “go away!” i screamed. “who were you talking to?” she asked again. i turned back around, but daddy wasn’t anywhere. “daddy? daddy! where are you? dont leave me!” i yelled, looking around tears streaming from my eyes. i spun around and yelled, “you did this! you made him leave! dont…!” I ran away without finishing my statement. “daddy? come back! daddy please!” i called. paige ran after me. “leave me alone!” i yelled. “wait… who WERE you talking to? just answer me!” she questioned. “no-bod-dy.” i stuttered, falling to the ground. “are you okay?” paige tried to help me up but i swapped her hand away. “vanessa!” i heard mom call. “momma, momma, he was here, he was here but she made him go away,” i cried as momma picked me up. “its okay, nessie.” she cooed. “she was talking to someone,” paige was telling my mom.

i don’t know what else paige said because i fell asleep in mom’s arms.

July 10, 2009 4:36 pm

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