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What Blogging Does to Your Brain


Don’t feel bad about spending time on the internet.

Just make sure it’s more than an hour per day.

Because that’s how long it takes before there’s a measurable boost in brain function.

This tidbit comes to us from a study done by Dr Gary Small out of UCLA.

Small got even more specific with this study.

Here are some of the facts about what blogging does to your brain

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Building a blog or website

What it does: Building a blog or your own website improves frontal lobe function, reasoning and memory.

“As you learn to build a site or blog, brain areas that are needed for making logical connections as well as medium to longer-term functional memory are challenged and enhanced,” explains Professor Small.

“Your memory is improved by learning and remembering how to construct a site or blog ,and will be enhanced the more you actually use and update your site,” he adds. To keep these brain functions active, add to your skill levels by learning new web-building functions and updating your site.

Small also found that sifting through your email can cause stress.


December 8, 2009 10:00 am

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