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State of Something


Today I tutored at a high school in Austin.

One kid showed up 60 minutes late to class.

And this was already in the middle of the day.

I asked why he showed up so late to school.

His reply, “You don’t need to know that.”

The girl I was already tutoring looked at him and laughed.

She said, “You such a thug.”

Then she looked at me and said, “He such a thug.”

Out of curiosity I asked this thug if he wanted to go to college.

He said, “Yea.”

Then I asked what he want to study.

He said, “How to make lyrics.”

I asked what rappers he listened to.

He said, “Zero.”

That didn’t mean anything to me.

So I checked Zero up on the internet.

And I found a video.

It turns out Zero’s a 13-years-old rapper, maybe a little older now, I don’t know.

But he’s in his early teens.

And his flow is pretty compelling.

Here’s a bite:

My flow is so sick like it’s catchin’ tha swine

I’m scared of tha dark all I can do is shine

I think I’m killin’ this beat

But what’s even more interesting than his flow is the connection I made.

Namely, Zero is the Justin Bieber of rap.

I’m calling it right now.

September 9, 2011 11:53 pm

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