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Has the American Heart Association Sold its Soul to the Devil?


Green medicine should mean “natural”, not sold to money.

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If you watched the Oscar movie awards last Sunday you may have been surprised to see the commercial with Heidi Klum, where the American Heart Association partners with diet Coca Cola in a campaign for a healthier America. This would almost be hilarious if it weren’t tragic. It’s like saying that a human rights group chose Hitler as the face of their campaign.

Numerous clinical studies show the devastating effects of Coke on health, from decreased bone density, to acidity (which lowers immune function), to the presence of multiple toxic chemicals. Oh, and the almost 40 grams of sugar in a can that form the brownish sticky substance that adheres to proteins and deposits in your arteries. Now… you may be thinking, “Yes, but this is diet Coke, at least it has no sugar”.

Well my friend, it has something even worse or at least as bad as sugar. Research shows a link between Aspartame and Alzheimer’s, to name just one bad effect. In addition, the brain receives the signal that there is sweet in the body and sends an order for a hormonal response. But since there is no real sugar around, soon after drinking the diet Coke you start craving carbs. The caffeine also overloads your adrenals by artificially stimulating them. Does this sound like a healthy picture to you?

I am plainly furious about the lack of control in the media on the messages sent to the public. Why is the FDA so concerned with fighting the claims that natural products make but allows a brand of cereal with 30 grams of sugar, useless refined flour and high-fructose corn syrup (a poison), to be sold as a “healthy way to start your day”? Why do they let candy bars make TV commercials saying “they will comfort you and make you feel better” sound like the spiel of illegal drug dealers?

We are living a health crisis that will cost this country billions and we can’t afford that.

American Heart Association: Shame on you!

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February 28, 2009 1:30 pm

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