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Why I’m no longer a Republican and why I now support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president


Today I found this on reddit. Thanks irishking44 for taking the time to articulate these points, maybe some of our readers will find them useful in calibrating their opinions on important issues:

Why I’m no longer a Republican and why I now support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president. Now I’m not a socialist either, but none of the Republicans give a shit about getting big money out of politics and overturning Citizens United. Basically since the super rich can give as much as they want to super pacs now none of our views on abortion, or taxes, or foreign policy mean shit unless you’ve got 20 million dollars to buy a congressman. Capitalism is fine, but corporatism isn’t, and unfortunately that’s what it’s turned into. If a single republican candidate even once mentioned that they believed that campaign finance reform or the widening income gap was an issue that needed to be addressed I would likely have not converted, but none of them have which was the real point of awakening for me.

What’s right and what’s profitable aren’t the same things. Also if you want the church and the government to be so close there are countries I’m sure you’d love to go to, like Saudi Arabia or Libya.

Also Bernie is nowhere near a communist and the policies he’s been talking about work fine in Denmark and Sweden so it’s not so far-fetched that the richest country in the world couldn’t have a few similar things.

And then there’s the crazies like Carson and Huckabee who think the world is only 5 thousand years old and Charles Darwin was a minion of Satan….

Also what’s with the climate change denial? Even if it turns out it is some grand conspiracy for whatever reason, what’s wrong with having more energy efficient products, and cleaner air, and cleaner water? What’s the worst that could happen? The coal and oil industries lose some profits? I mean is their profit and false capitalism really in our best interests?

Basically, it all comes down to when given the choice between money and doing the right thing by the most people, do you believe that politicians and big business leaders will pick the latter?

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Vote for hope in 2016. Vote for Bernie.

December 14, 2015 3:20 pm

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